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Episode 17 – The Xbox Seventy Billion

27 Jan

This week Sm1tty Sm1t talks about Quarrel, the new PS3 (!?), and the new xbox console.

Hot Topic: What are your thoughts on Resident Evil 6 / Share your opinion on the new Xbox console!

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Episode 16 – A Storm of Shadows

20 Jan

This week, Sm1tty Sm1t talks Xbox 360 news and updates.  The Hype Train this week is Risen 2: Dark Waters and finally, we’re joined by a special guest!

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Episode 15 – Just Jump Already

12 Jan

Sm1tty Sm1t talks CES, suicidal factory workers, and are we ready for a new Xbox console?  Email your Hot Topic comments to

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Episode 14 – Happy New Year!

6 Jan

This week, Sm1tty Sm1t discusses mistranslations, Hitman Absolution, and other Xbox 360 news!

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