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Episode 53 – Shout out to myself

29 Mar

This week the gang discusses PAX East, Sleeping Dogs (surprise, surprise), Army of Two, Bioshock Infinite, and The Walking Dead train wreck.

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Episode 52 – Just my favorite day EVER

15 Mar

Your Hosts:

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Pantless Steve: @PantlessSteve

Rare Bishop: @RareBishop and

This week we discuss some changes coming to the podcast! We also talk Tomb Raider, DLC for Sleeping Dogs (big surprise) and Dead Space 3, and we talk news, including the return of a familiar face to the Assassin’s Creed franchise. *WARNING: Don’t go to the website I send Steve to. It’s awful. It’s just funny that he went there.*

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Episode 51 – Don’t you listen?

11 Mar

The Xbox 360 Solocast crew talks about Tomb Raider, Bishop’s love of Aliens: Colonial Marines, some Playstation and Nintendo chat, as well as the recent Xbox 360 news, releases, and DLC.

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Episode 50 – Ghost Wolf vs the Moon

1 Mar

The Solocast crew talks about ridiculous game titles, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, DLC, Indie titles, and fields some listener questions.

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