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Episode 62 – Xbox One Rumored to have GAMES!

31 May

This week we discuss more BLUR, Fuse, Grid 2, and the rumors that the next-gen Xbox might actually have games.


  • Sm1tty Sm1t
  • Rare Bishop
  • Pantless Steve

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Supplemental Podcast – Wynterwind has Opinions on the Xbox One

29 May

Listener Wynterwind (Twitter: @Wynterwind) chimes in on some of his Xbox One opinions.

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Episode 61 – Kwitcherbitchin’

24 May

On this week’s podcast we discuss Metro Last Light, Resident Evil Revelations, our ‘Press A to Blur!’ night, Call of Juarez Gunslinger and of course, the announcement of the Xbox One.


-Sm1tty Sm1t

-Pantless Steve

-Rare Bishop

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Episode 60 – Like Sylvia Browne

17 May

On this week’s podcast the guys discuss Call of Duty (again), Metro Last Light, Monaco, and we each make some bold predictions about next week’s Xbox 360 Reveal! We also give away a copy of Blur to a loyal listener.

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Episode 59 – What’s in a Name?

10 May

Our first episode under the new name! Today we have a special guest as One of Swords, Dan Amrich himself, makes a return to the show! We discuss Fuse, our failed attempt at a community playdate with Blur, Call of Duty Black Ops II, and more! After our regular segments, we then try to milk Dan for information. It doesn’t work.

Guest Host: @OneofSwords (He has a code giveaway all weekend!)

Josh: @Sm1ttySm1t

Bishop: @RareBishop

Steve: @PantlessSteve

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Episode 58 – We have no idea why you listen to this show

3 May

Your bootylicious hosts discuss Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Dead Island Riptide, Sacred Citadel, Skylanders, and Call of Duty. We spend far too long talking about recent news, then your Twitter questions!





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