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Episode 73 – Everything we do, we do it poorly!

27 Aug

This week the guys discuss The Bureau XCOM Declassified, Disney Infinity, our Black Ops “Play with Us” night, Splinter cell, and all the Xbox news that’s ever been released since the dawn of time.

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Episode 72 – Oh, brother

16 Aug

This week the gang talks about Saints Row IV, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Race the Sun (PC), Call of Duty, Madden 25, and what on EARTH IS MICROSOFT DOING?!

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Episode 71 – Recording from the Bathroom

9 Aug

This week the Press A crew is joined by a special guest, Dan Hevia, writer for and creator of Project 510. You can find Dan on Twitter @DanHevia. We also discuss Charlie Murder, Man-babies, and Saints Row IV. Just kidding, we don’t really discuss Saints Row. Not yet.

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Episode 70 – Steve Unquits

2 Aug

On this week’s episode the gang discusses Narco Terror, Mars War Logs, more Smurfs (seriously), some Xbox One announcements, and we take reader questions!

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