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Episode 8 1- Misinformation

25 Oct

This week the gang talks Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Skylanders Swap Force, TMNT, How to Survive, Wheel of Fortune — and Bishop’s WONDERFUL TRIP TO MAAAAINE!, and Sm1tty MIGHT get some information wrong, only to be set straight by Bishop and Steve. He’s still a little right though. A little.

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Episode 80 – Bishop Bukkake (repost)

19 Oct

On this week’s episode Steve talks about racing towards 200k Gamerscore, Bishop wants to be a millionaire, and Sm1tty talks about more Diablo III and what he’s played “beyond” Xbox 360. Watch Dogs was delayed, The Crew was delayed, LEGO games are fun for those who have played any, and then our show VIP craps on the Giants. It’s a boatload of fun!

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Episode 79 – Baltimore Sucks

11 Oct

On this week’s episode, we discuss Sm1tty’s addiction to Diablo III, Steve’s affinity for Wii-U, and BIshop’s love of Glee. There’s some other games in there, too.

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Episode 78 – Spayed and Neutered

7 Oct

Your normal podcasting trio returns for a bonus episode only a few short days after the last episode. We know, we’re awesome and we treat you awesome. This week we go on about GTA V. Weird. Also, Sm1tty and Steve get drunk.

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Episode 77 – Guest-host-a-palooza!

4 Oct

This week your regular co-hosts couldn’t make it, so I replaced them with the next most-capable people I could think of. Welcome IGN’s Greg Miller and returning guest-host, bearer of gifts, and your favorite Irishman, Kevin Dent! We delve into some GTA and the Online debacle, we talk a little Steam, and we answer listener questions.

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