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Episode 88 – Game of the Year 2013

20 Dec

We wrap up 2013 with our Best Games of the Year! Listen to the three stooges argue about how some games were left off of the list and how some were higher than expected.

We don’t come to blows … but almost.

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Episode 87 – Podcast Simulator

13 Dec

On this week’s episode we dive into Farming Simulator, Steve becomes Sleeping Dogs crazy or Ryse, Bishop hops on the Lococycle, and Sm1tty gets negative about NBA 2K14. We’ll take your questions, we actually discuss NPD’s, and we get ready for our “Of the year!” show!

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Episode 86 – Number 50

6 Dec

After returning from some recording problems, the show this week settles back to normal and Rare Bishop, the angry one,  Sm1tty Sm1t, the cute one, and Pantless Steve, the Pantless one, are able to ease into Xbox One and 360 chatter. Sm1tty played Peggle 2, but can’t talk about it, we all played Ryse: Son of Rome and do talk about it, then we end the show with a group hug.

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Episode 85 – Finally. An Xbox One Podcast

3 Dec

After countless problems with the podcast recording, the podcast editing, the podcast rendering, and the podcast uploading, we’re here. We talk a lot about Xbox One. I think it’s coherent, but it was recorded over two days, so who knows. Let’s listen and be surprised together!

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