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Episode 92 – I didn’t fight my office chair

24 Jan

This week Pantless Steve has the flu, so we’ve upgraded. Pantless Dan Amrich, of One of Swords is, how you say, in the hizzy. We talk about dumpsters diving, video games, playing guitar, and I go all fanboy on Shadows of Mordor – video here:¬†

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Episode 91 – 8 Gigs of Dix

17 Jan

There is NOTHING to talk about this week. Nothing. I don’t even know why we had a show. Bishop played some Batman. Stevie hates to be called Stevie. Other than that you’ll enjoy a few swear words and we attempt to shoehorn some gaming news into the shoe, making you think it’s important.

It’s not.

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Episode 90 – Podcast on a Buffalo

10 Jan

This week we take a stroll through the mystic lands of Xbox One gaming. With purple unicorns and glittering fairies, you’ll hear about Battlefield 4, Lococycle, Crimson Dragon, and some PC stuff. We end up taking some listener questions about NBA 2K14 and CoD players hopping into Battlefield 4, then we all prance off into the realm of shadow.

Seriously though, we were on acid for most of the show.

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Episode 89 – So FAANtastic

3 Jan

The podcast group returns for another year! Yeah, sorry. This week we take some time to talk about Max: Curse of Brotherhood, NBA 2K14 woes, Battlefield 4’s pros and cons, and we crap on each other …. a lot.

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