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Episode 96 – It had so much potential…

28 Feb

On this week’s episode, the gang discusses our plans for episode 100 (we have none), some PAX East panel changes, Thief, Spelunky, Castlevania, the new Xbox One update and more!

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Episode 95 – Still Spelunkin’

21 Feb

This week the gang returns to talk about TITANFAAAAALL. There’s also some chatter about NASCAR ’14, Spelunky, and TITANFAAAAALL! We had no listener questions this week, but we also make an announcement about our Panel at PAX East! That’s right! MORE people want to hear us talk.

Blew our minds, too.

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Episode 94 – 72 Extra P’s

14 Feb

On this week’s episode a tired Sm1tty talks about his infatuation with Rogue Legacy (PC), Pantless Steve falls down the Spelunky hole, and Rare Bishop plays Fifa. Yes, Fifa.

I’m totally serious.

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Episode 93 – The Show that Never Happened

7 Feb

After TWO failed recordings, the guys are finally back to talk about Call of Duty DLC, Rogue Legacy, Spelunky, more Crimson Dragon, and a whole bunch of news from the last couple of weeks.

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