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Episode 103 – We’ll sell out to ANYBODY

25 Apr

This week, the gang’s back for a normal show … the first in weeks. That means we have tons of news, games we’ve played, and insults to catch-up on! Pantless Steve is now our News Girl, Rare Bishop handles releases for the week, and we still have no idea why Sm1tty Sm1t is here.

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Episode 102 – Our PAX East Wrap-up

18 Apr

Because of our hotel’s “strict noise policy,” we’re only now bringing you all the best information about PAX East. Spoilers, Steve played Rogue-likes, Bishop hated things, and Sm1tty has no clue WTF is going on.

It’s nice to have things back to normal.

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PAX East Panel – Indie to AAA; What you need to know about podcasting

17 Apr

The Gang’s all here! Dan Amrich and Katrin Auch from “Dan and Kat Talk” appear with the Press ‘A’ to Listen Crew at a PAX East Panel to talk about podcasting!


Episode 101 – Watchening

4 Apr

In this week’s episode the gang talks about their expectations for PAX East, Bishop was right about Turtle Beach, and we haven’t really played many games since our centennial last week … surprise, surprise.

We give away a code for the new Batman game, a book to a listener last week, and we ponder whether MGS V: Ground Zeroes was just a money grab or not.

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