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Episode 106 – Steve Becomes a Man

16 May

After last week’s “special episode”, we’re back at it with our regularly scheduled program. Sm1tty is tired and hasn’t really done much gaming, Bishop played the best and worst games of the year, and Steve does his very first interview with a game developer! He’s growing up right before our eyes, ladies and gentlemen!

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Episode 105 – The Video Game Draft!

9 May

THe NFL draft is underway and on this week’s show we forego our normal format in order to have our own draft! The Video Game Draft! The premise is: We’re stuck playing 10 games for the rest of eternity. We have 10 rounds to choose 10 games, but if a game is taken off of the board, we can’t redraft it!

Special guest-hosts include Sean Evans aka @Xiantayne (Of the OMG! Hour Podcast) and our NEWLY name show-VIP Ed aka @Wynterwind of the WynterGaming Youtube channel

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Episode 104 – Bloody Romance

2 May

This week is all about Child of Light! Kind of. We also talk about Strike Suit Zero, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sm1tty Sm1t’s new project, and SCOTCH! We also play our newest game, The Metacritic Game!

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