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2014 Game of the Year Edition

19 Dec

HERE IT IS! The culmination of all the work that developers have put into coding and creating the digital delights that we so love! Now we get to talk about how good or bad they did, as if we could do better. But we have a podcast, so we know all! Listen to our 2014 Games of the Year!

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Episode 132 – Treat Yo Shelf

12 Dec

The Penultimate show of 2014, the trio discuss Destiny, Dragon Age Inquisition, Game of Thrones, Boom Ball, The Crew, and more! And to make it as clear as possible, WE NEED EMAILS! Emails for The Metacritic Game, questions, emails for your game of the year, EMAILS, EMAILS EMAILS!

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Episode 131 – Ahhh, Destiny

5 Dec

We’re back after the Thanksgiving and we played a lot of games! We wrapped up Far Cry 4 –TO MISS THOSE SPOILERS, WHEN WE GIVE THE GO AHEAD, SKIP TO 37:40 — and we talk Dragon Age Inquisition, Threes, Never Alone, Limbo, and Bishop can’t play Monopoly.

We’re gearing up for our Game of the Year episode, December 18th, and we want YOU to send in your choice! Contact us and send us ONE GAME TITLE from this year that is your GotY and we’ll have a “Listener’s Choice” to go along with ours. for past episodes, contact us for the Metacritic Game, and read some of the reviews we’re posting there!