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Episode 135 – She has a vagina…

30 Jan

This week we’re back! Pantless Steve and Rare Bishop have returned from PAX South and tell us all about the game¬†they saw. Steve remembers not being able to remember. And we’re joined by special guest host, and my new boss from Loot Crate, Candice (@CandiceLikesYou) who is a girl WHO REALLY PLAYS VIDEO GAMES! Seriously.

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Episode 134 – We played Destiny! again.

16 Jan

It was a normal week, but without an avalanche of games releasing, the Press A trio didn’t really play much more than Destiny! Steve’s hooked on an iOS ripoff, Bishop did nothing, and Sm1tty spent more time in New York City¬†than on Xbox One.

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Episode 133 – Steve is Dying

9 Jan

We’re back for 2015 and Steve may not be with us for much longer. Can you die from the flu? Either way, we talk about Diablo, Funk of Titans, Minecraft, Destiny, Salt, Prison Architect, and then that horrible, awful, terrible Metacritic game. Yeah. Stupid game.

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