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Episode 151 – Bro.

22 May

This week there’s a reason to discuss more Destiny! Steve and Bishop give us a good look at the newest DLC, Sm1tty talks about Neverwinter only a little bit, but most of our time is spent on The Witcher 3! There’s some Airmech Arena, Life is Strange, Mega Coin Squad, and Spy Chameleon talk, too.

The Metacritic Game has a new record set and shout-out to Errn for sending in the most BS set of questions ever. Seriously, dude.

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Episode 150 – Who’s Feel?

15 May

For our 150th episode we do something INCREDIBLY SPECIAL! Alright, we don’t do a damned thing different. We curse a lot, we talk about games, we insult each other, and we talk about what we’ve loved during our time together.

Same as it ever was.

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Audio Review – Lifeless Planet

13 May

Co-host Rare Bishop gives us his review on the newest ID@Xbox game available for Xbox One. Listen in on this week’s show to find out if the rest of the crew share his sentiments!

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Episode 149 – Skateboard Watermelon

8 May

With only a little bit of Neverwinter and Destiny conversation, WHAT ELSE DO WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT!? There’s a lot of other stuff, actually. Ultratron, Batman Arkham Knight (including Steve’s most ridiculous statement EVER), a crying baby, and even FOOTBALL!

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Episode 148 – EFF Jake!

1 May

Sm1tty finally gets around to playing Injustice: Gods Among Us, Bishop gets into Project Root, and Steve loves him some Shovel Knight. Some unexpected results from this week’s Metacritic Game┬áleads one host into an impressive overall score, while Call of Duty and Games for Gold is really unimpressive.

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