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Episode 170 – It’s back to normal (sorry)

26 Oct

Sm1tty’s back and BOY OH BOY does he have a good show for you! Just kidding, it’s the same crap you listen to every week. More Destiny talk, Blood Bowl 2, Skylanders, and applaud the return of gentialia-based humor!

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Episode 169 – The Saddest Steve Ever.

17 Oct

With no Sm1tty Sm1t this week, episode 169 is a sad, sad affair for Steve. Nobody laughs at his dick jokes this week, so he’s a little upset. Also, we talk about games.

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Episode 168 – TTKGOTY

10 Oct

The trio is back and we don’t talk about Destiny the whole time! This week it’s more Blood Bowl 2, some Destiny (of course), Star Wars Battlefront, and Skylanders!

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Episode 167 – Our site still isn’t fixed. Still.

5 Oct

With no Bishop this week, the other two hosts don’t know what to do with themselves. There’s probably a lot of misinformation┬ácoupled with excessive genitalia humor.

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