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Episode 80 – Bishop Bukkake (repost)

19 Oct

On this week’s episode Steve talks about racing towards 200k Gamerscore, Bishop wants to be a millionaire, and Sm1tty talks about more Diablo III and what he’s played “beyond” Xbox 360. Watch Dogs was delayed, The Crew was delayed, LEGO games are fun for those who have played any, and then our show VIP craps on the Giants. It’s a boatload of fun!

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Episode 76 – Fat Sausage Fingers

23 Sep

On this week’s episode, the gang is joined by Hugh Sterbakov and the conversation is steered — where else? — GTA V. We also take some time to discuss Diablo III, Steve’s loss to Sm1tty at Madden 25, and I’m schooled on the rules of “Oh bye there.”

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Ep. 75 – Tweaks My Nipples

13 Sep

On this episode of the podcast we discuss Rayman Legends, Diablo III, and we tackle HDCP on the PS3 for a little change of pace.

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Episode 71 – Recording from the Bathroom

9 Aug

This week the Press A crew is joined by a special guest, Dan Hevia, writer for and creator of Project 510. You can find Dan on Twitter @DanHevia. We also discuss Charlie Murder, Man-babies, and Saints Row IV. Just kidding, we don’t really discuss Saints Row. Not yet.

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The Home of Press ‘A’ to Listen

28 Sep


You’re probably landing here after finding the podcast on iTunes, or because you read my other blog.  This is the home of Press ‘A’ to Listen (formerly the Xbox 360 Solocast), a weekly podcast available on iTunes.

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