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Episode 54 – How do I edit this?

5 Apr

This week the group discusses Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel, Bioshock Infinite, Terraria, the closing of LucasArts, and when is it OK to openly discuss game spoilers?

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Episode 52 – Just my favorite day EVER

15 Mar

Your Hosts:

Sm1tty Sm1ty: @Sm1ttySm1t and Sm1ttySm1t.com

Pantless Steve: @PantlessSteve

Rare Bishop: @RareBishop and BishopsGamingWorld.com

This week we discuss some changes coming to the podcast! We also talk Tomb Raider, DLC for Sleeping Dogs (big surprise) and Dead Space 3, and we talk news, including the return of a familiar face to the Assassin’s Creed franchise. *WARNING: Don’t go to the website I send Steve to. It’s awful. It’s just funny that he went there.*

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Episode 45.2 – The sad tale of THQ

25 Jan

This week we talk Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, DMC, and the sad tale of THQ.

Reader question this week asks what our expectations are for the next gen Xbox. To have YOUR question read, email Xbox360Solocast@Gmail.com

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Episode 43 – Put Achievements in your DLC

5 Jan

Sm1tty Sm1t, Rare Bishop, and Pantless Steve discuss all the amazing, breaking news … who am I kidding, there’s NOTHING going on right now.

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Episode 42 – Episode of the Year

24 Dec

We wrap up 2012 with the winners of our 2012 ‘of the Year’ categories. It also seems that we’ve hit some problems with recording, causing Bishop and I to sometimes talk over each other or have awkward pauses. That’s something we’re working on getting fixed. Until then, blame Obama.

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Episode 40 – Ubisoft Sale

10 Dec

Still undecided if the fact that a Ubisoft sale is the most important thing to talk about is awesome, or whether it’s sad.

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Episode 35 – Farewell Cliffy B

12 Oct

Sm1tty Sm1t returns to discuss Borderlands 2, NBA 2K13, Risen 2 and the fabulous lockpicking, and more! Also, a special farewell to Epic Games’ own Cliff Bleszinski.

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