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Episode 10 – Dying Cable

29 Nov

In this episode of the Xbox 360 Solocast, Sm1tty Sm1t rages about Cable Companies and Street Fighter … again.

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Episode 9 – OneOfSwords Dan Amrich

27 Nov

On this week’s episode, I get a chance to talk to’s own DAN AMRICH!  Plus, my wife wants to burn Skyrim.  Email your GotY discussions to!


Episode 8 – I’m Exhausted

17 Nov

Sm1tty Sm1t discusses Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, WWE 12, Assassin’s Cree—you know what.  He talks about every game ever made.  It’s just quicker to say that.

Happy 10th Birthday Xbox!

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Episode 7 – COD Elite

3 Nov

Sm1tty Sm1t discusses Batman Arkham City, Battlefield 3, and Call of Duty Elite.  Plus, a couple of rants.

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